Préférence Estrie

Relocation service
for employers

Préférence Estrie is a relocation service for employers recruiting new employees from elsewhere in Québec, Canada and internationally.

Préférence Estrie helps employers in their efforts to relocate these new employees by:

  • Helping them in their search for HOUSING and their installation (Internet, Hydro, etc.)
  • Showing them how to complete the ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURES for settling in Québec (social insurance number, Medicare, etc.)
  • Guiding them in registering their children and teenagers for DAYCARE AND SCHOOLS (francization, disabled children, etc.)
  • Accompanying their spouse in their search for EMPLOYMENT
  • Facilitating their SOCIAL INTEGRATION: sports and culture, religious groups, volunteering, language courses, etc.
  • Services offered in French and English


Préférence Estrie was established in January 2003 as an initiative of the then rector of Université de Sherbrooke, Bruno-Marie Béchard, who brought together regional employers who were experiencing the same problem of retaining new employees recruited from outside the region. These employers, from the university research, industry, health, municipal and manufacturing sectors, agreed to collaborate financially on this pilot project aimed at welcoming and integrating new employees recruited from elsewhere in Québec, Canada and internationally.

Having become an NPO in 2020, Préférence Estrie’s services are increasingly in demand as all sectors of activity are facing a shortage of personnel. Préférence Estrie serves the greater Eastern Townships region, including Brome-Missisquoi and Haute-Yamaska, in both French and English, and facilitates the relocation and retention of over 120 single people, couples and families each year. Its services are used by large employers, but also by small and medium-sized businesses and start-ups that are making great efforts to recruit personnel from abroad and that need to ensure that these new employees will like the Eastern Townships and settle here in the long term. Préférence Estrie has adapted to meet the needs of new employees arriving from an ever-increasing variety of countries over the years, to offer its services in a changing context such as during a pandemic, and to make the relocation experience of these executives, professionals, technicians and vocational training workers an easy and pleasant transition to their new environment.

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Notre équipe

Diane Turgeon

Director since 2003

Melissa Medeiros

Relocation coordinator

Janice Lavallée

Administrative and Relocation Services

Olivier Lacroix

Relocation advisor

Suzanne Fournier

Relocation Guide